Idaho Salvage Yard Recycling

Salvage yards are not only utilized for the storage of unused and/or old vehicles but also for the salvaging of parts from these vehicles for use in other automobiles. A salvage yard will mainly house vehicles that are either very old or relatively new. These comparatively new vehicles are typically brought to a salvage yard when they have encountered irreparable damages usually as the result of a collision. Once these vehicles are taken to these yards they will be put in systematic rows and inventoried for more sufficient organization and easier sourcing. Some utilize computerized inventory system in which all the parts or motor vehicles on the lot are tagged with a special code and entered in a database. There may also be showrooms which will exhibit the parts that are removed from each automobile. These new innovations have altered the way these establishments are perceived and operated. No longer are they just seen as storage areas but instead as fully operational lucrative businesses.

The vehicles as mentioned before will be salvaged for their working parts. Each vehicle may be assessed and analyzed by a trained mechanic who is employed by the salvage yard owner. Once an inspection of the car is done then the usable parts are removed beginning with the more superficial parts like the mirrors, bumper and headlights, then the major parts are assessed and removed. All these parts are inventoried and placed in a computer database for better efficiency. In some instances the parts may remain in the car and be removed as they are required by customers. These parts may be sold to individuals to replace non-functioning parts in their vehicles or to manufacturers who will recondition these parts for resale with an associated warranty. When the automobile has no working parts left in it, the metal from it may be retrieved and sold as scrap metal to a metal recycling factory.

Idaho like most other states has a vast number of these yards. If you live in Idaho and are in need of parts or would like to have a vehicle moved to the salvage yard you may search a list of online sources.