Salvage Auto Auction Investments

Turning a profit is what it’s all about and salvage auto auction purchases can be the key to securing the highest profit for the lowest investment.

In the business of auto renovation and repair, it takes time to get the vehicles out there in the kind of condition that attracts buyers. Finding the vehicles that are suitable can eat up the profit in terms of man hours. Using a professional online service can help you take several steps forward at a time.

Businesses that rely on the spares trade can fast track their turnover by sourcing spares through salvage auto auction. Specialized items can be found, bought and supplied to the customer in record time, saving valuable man hours. Salvaged spares may be bought at considerably lower prices at salvage auto auction than through conventional channels and the great thing is that the legwork is all done seamlessly, professionally and oh, so fast!

Vehicle insurance organisations utilize salvage auto auction facilities to dispose of stock. It is a time friendly and efficient way to process vehicles that are redeemable as project items or still usable for spares and there is an enormous range of vehicles on offer through salvage auto auction, covering all makes and models: these vehicles are not available at savage prices from conventional retail outlets.

Whether you are a professional breaker or simply an enthusiast looking for a restoration project, buying through a salvage auto auction can dramatically reduce your costs and increase the quality of your investment. The process is simple, easy to understand and cost effective.

Using an online service to access the best salvage available at a given time can take the headache out of purchasing through auction and much of the work is done for you. This is especially valuable when looking for specialized vehicle parts or rare items that are difficult to locate via traditional methods. Why spend hours on the phone when you can find out the price, the shipping costs and fees applicable in one easy process?

Going through the purchase process of buying a salvage vehicle can mean travelling to auction and back again, not getting the salvage you set out to get because you were outbid or simply misinformed on availability, spending precious cash on a wasted effort that could have been better utilized in buying the salvaged vehicle or spare you really wanted. Using an online broker takes all the hassle and aggravation out of the purchase and gives you the exact item you want, when you want it and certainly a whole lot cheaper.

Approaching the task of buying vehicles and spares via a salvage auto auction through a registered and authorized online broker can make the difference between achieving the turnaround you really want or merely ‘breaking even’. It is safe, secure and makes perfect financial and practical sense to access the vast range of salvage auction items available nationwide, with shipping and other vital information at your fingertips, instead of limiting your choice locally.

Idaho Salvage Yard Recycling

Salvage yards are not only utilized for the storage of unused and/or old vehicles but also for the salvaging of parts from these vehicles for use in other automobiles. A salvage yard will mainly house vehicles that are either very old or relatively new. These comparatively new vehicles are typically brought to a salvage yard when they have encountered irreparable damages usually as the result of a collision. Once these vehicles are taken to these yards they will be put in systematic rows and inventoried for more sufficient organization and easier sourcing. Some utilize computerized inventory system in which all the parts or motor vehicles on the lot are tagged with a special code and entered in a database. There may also be showrooms which will exhibit the parts that are removed from each automobile. These new innovations have altered the way these establishments are perceived and operated. No longer are they just seen as storage areas but instead as fully operational lucrative businesses.

The vehicles as mentioned before will be salvaged for their working parts. Each vehicle may be assessed and analyzed by a trained mechanic who is employed by the salvage yard owner. Once an inspection of the car is done then the usable parts are removed beginning with the more superficial parts like the mirrors, bumper and headlights, then the major parts are assessed and removed. All these parts are inventoried and placed in a computer database for better efficiency. In some instances the parts may remain in the car and be removed as they are required by customers. These parts may be sold to individuals to replace non-functioning parts in their vehicles or to manufacturers who will recondition these parts for resale with an associated warranty. When the automobile has no working parts left in it, the metal from it may be retrieved and sold as scrap metal to a metal recycling factory.

Idaho like most other states has a vast number of these yards. If you live in Idaho and are in need of parts or would like to have a vehicle moved to the salvage yard you may search a list of online sources.

Advantages of a Salvage Truck Auction

Parts for a truck can be very expensive. Especially for more than one truck. When a person owns a trucking business there are some expenses that can’t be avoided. When a part is needed or a truck body is damaged, you sometimes have to invest a lot of money in repairs for that vehicle. These costs can be a lot more affordable when you go to a salvage truck auction.

The trucks that are sold at auctions can be totaled because of engine damage and have perfect bodies. Or, the body may be totaled, but the engine and other parts may be great. When you buy a salvaged truck you can save up to 60% of the price that would be spent on the parts that you need.

The auctions are held regularly and are easy to find. An auction may have up to a thousand trucks in one location. The ages of the trucks and the makes will differ so you can find the truck that you need to part out or rebuild. In some cases people find trucks that have perfect engines and minor damage that have been totaled by an insurance company or lender.

Using the truck auction as a source for parts will free up needed money for the repair and running of your business. When a part has to be back-ordered it can cause a delay in getting back on the road. This delay costs you money. By having a parts truck in your stable, you are not caught without the parts that you need to keep your business running smoothly.

When you are going to participate in an auction, you will want to get a history of the truck to see exactly what the truck was totaled for. Sometimes there might be a part that caused the accident. Other times, there may be a hidden issue that you will need to know about in order to bid accurately.

You will want to find out if parts have been taken from the truck prior to its going to auction. In some cases when a truck is totaled, all of the parts that can be used are removed from it before it is sent to auction. By making sure that it has all of its parts you can be sure that what you are bidding will be the correct amount.

Getting an average price for the totaled vehicle will also help in bidding properly. You will want to find out what it was worth when it was running and what the average bid is for that vehicle in salvaged condition. Going to the auction early to check the trucks that you are interested in will help in finding out if they have all of the parts that you want.

By talking to people who regularly attend the auctions you will be able to find out what the average bidding is. The percentage that is bid for trucks that are salvaged is often very different from a regular auction so you will want to find out what the dollar ratio on salvaged vehicles are before you begin bidding.