Advantages of a Salvage Truck Auction

Parts for a truck can be very expensive. Especially for more than one truck. When a person owns a trucking business there are some expenses that can’t be avoided. When a part is needed or a truck body is damaged, you sometimes have to invest a lot of money in repairs for that vehicle. These costs can be a lot more affordable when you go to a salvage truck auction.

The trucks that are sold at auctions can be totaled because of engine damage and have perfect bodies. Or, the body may be totaled, but the engine and other parts may be great. When you buy a salvaged truck you can save up to 60% of the price that would be spent on the parts that you need.

The auctions are held regularly and are easy to find. An auction may have up to a thousand trucks in one location. The ages of the trucks and the makes will differ so you can find the truck that you need to part out or rebuild. In some cases people find trucks that have perfect engines and minor damage that have been totaled by an insurance company or lender.

Using the truck auction as a source for parts will free up needed money for the repair and running of your business. When a part has to be back-ordered it can cause a delay in getting back on the road. This delay costs you money. By having a parts truck in your stable, you are not caught without the parts that you need to keep your business running smoothly.

When you are going to participate in an auction, you will want to get a history of the truck to see exactly what the truck was totaled for. Sometimes there might be a part that caused the accident. Other times, there may be a hidden issue that you will need to know about in order to bid accurately.

You will want to find out if parts have been taken from the truck prior to its going to auction. In some cases when a truck is totaled, all of the parts that can be used are removed from it before it is sent to auction. By making sure that it has all of its parts you can be sure that what you are bidding will be the correct amount.

Getting an average price for the totaled vehicle will also help in bidding properly. You will want to find out what it was worth when it was running and what the average bid is for that vehicle in salvaged condition. Going to the auction early to check the trucks that you are interested in will help in finding out if they have all of the parts that you want.

By talking to people who regularly attend the auctions you will be able to find out what the average bidding is. The percentage that is bid for trucks that are salvaged is often very different from a regular auction so you will want to find out what the dollar ratio on salvaged vehicles are before you begin bidding.